Data Science
Program director: Maxim Fedorov
Also implemented in network form with Higher School of Economics (HSE) and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).
Track "Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence"
Track "Data-Intensive Mathematical Modelling and Simulations"
Compulsory Part
Numerical Linear Algebra
Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Elective Part
Introduction to Data Science
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Computational Imaging
Foundations of Software Engineering
Efficient Algorithms and Data Structures
Theoretical Methods of Deep Learning
Convex Optimization and Applications
Introduction to Computer Vision
Statistical Natural Language Processing
Principles of Applied Statistics
Perception in Robotics
Introduction to Digital Agro
Information and Coding Theory
Introduction to Digital Pharma
Advanced Statistical Methods
Statistical Learning Theory
Geometric Computer Vision
Biomedical Imaging and Analytics
Omics Technologies
Geometrical Methods of Machine Learning
Machine Learning in Chemoinformatics
Neural Natural Language Processing
Safety Aspects of Artificial Intelligence
Planning Algorithms in Artificial Intelligence
Bayesian Methods of Machine Learning
Matrix and Tensor Factorizations
Neuroimaging and Machine Learning for Biomedicine
Reinforcement Learning
Biomedical Mass Spectrometry
Models of Sequential Data
Elective Part
Introduction to Data Science
Scientific Computing
Soft Condensed Matter
Stochastic Methods in Mathematical Modeling
Foundations of Multiscale Modeling: Kinetics
Numerical Modeling
High Performance Computing and Modern Architectures
Thermodynamics and Transport at Nanoscale