Information Science and Technology
Program director: Nikolai Brilliantov
Also implemented in network form with Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio-electronics (TUSUR); Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI); Moscow State University; Bauman Moscow State Technical University; Southern Federal University
Courses delivered by external lecturers are marked with *
Track "High Performance Computing"
Track "Internet of Things"
Compulsory Part
Foundations of Software Engineering
Digital Signal Processing
High Performance Python Lab
Elective Part
Scientific Computing
Numerical Linear Algebra
Introduction to Linux and Supercomputers
Numerical Modeling
High Performance Computing and Modern Architectures
Deep Learning
Neuromorphic Computing
Parallel Computing in Mathematical Modeling and Data-Intensive Applications
Elective Part
Introduction to IoT
Introduction to Data Science
Introduction to Wireless Communication
Introduction to Blockchain
Perception in Robotics
Information and Coding Theory
MIMO Systems in Wireless Communication*
Sensors and Embedded Systems for IoT
Communication Technologies for IoT
Fundamentals of Post-Quantum Cryptography
Machine Learning for Wireless Communication
Modern Applications of Information Theory