Petroleum Engineering
Program director: Dimitry Pissarenko
Courses delivered by external lecturers are marked with *
Compulsory Part
Introduction to Petroleum Engineering
Elective Part
Permafrost and Natural Hydrates
Modeling of Multiphase Flows
Thermal Petrophysics and Geothermy
Reservoir Rock Characterization
Petrophysics and Well Log Interpretation
Gas Recovery and Methane Hydrates
Applied Geomechanics
Advanced Drilling and Completion Technologies*
Petroleum Geophysics
Methods of Enhanced Oil Recovery
Geostatistics and Reservoir Simulation
Multiphase Flows in Pipes
Unconventional Hydrocarbons
Options (Electives from Course Catalog)
Mathematics for Engineers
Introduction to Data Science
Computational Imaging
Digital Signal Processing
Numerical Linear Algebra
Introduction to Computer Vision
Optimization Methods
Thermal Fluid Sciences
Deep Learning
Uncertainty Quantification