Photonics & Quantum Materials
Program director: Mikhail Skvortsov
Also implemented in network form with Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT)
Courses implemented with partner institute and/or delivered by external lecturers are marked with *

Compulsory Part
Quantum Mechanics
Fundamentals of Photonics
Elective Part
Statistical Mechanics and Kinetics
Introduction to Solid State Physics
Advanced Quantum Mechanics
Path Integrals and Physics of Open Quantum Systems
Transport in Mesoscopic Systems*
Spectroscopy of Quantum Materials*
Laser Physics*
Optical Communications
Carbon Nanomaterials
Physics of Colloids and Interfaces
Fabrication Technology of Nanodevices
Review of Materials and Devices for Nano- and Optoelectronics*
Biomedical Application of Photonics
Experimental Optics
Quantum Optics*
Superconducting Quantum Technologies
Aerosol Science and Technology
In collaboration with the Chair of nanooptics and spectroscopy, MIPT, ISAN*
Laser Spectroscopy*
Fundamentals of Optics of Nanoscale Systems*
Molecular Spectroscopy*
Condensed Matter Spectroscopy and Physics of Nanostructures*
Quantum Theory of Radiation and Quantum Optics*
In collaboration with the MSc program "Quantum nanostructures, materials and devices", MIPT*
Practicum in Experimental Physics*
Magnetic Phenomena at Macro-, Micro- and Nanoscales*
Physics of Semiconductor Bulk Crystals and Nanostructures*
Physics of Partially Disordered Systems*
Introduction to Surface Physics*