Computational and Data Science and Engineering
Chairman of Program Committee: Maxim Fedorov
Research Methodology courses
Research Methodology: Computational and Data Science and Engineering
Advanced Major-Field courses: core
Theoretical Foundations of Data Science
Deep Learning
Advanced Major-Field courses: additional
Soft Condensed Matter
Neural Natural Language Processing
Theoretical Methods of Deep Learning
Digital Signal Processing
Bayesian Methods of Machine Learning
Uncertainty Quantification
Advanced Statistical Methods
Foundations of Multiscale Modeling: Kinetics
Information and Coding Theory
Matrix and Tensor Factorizations
Numerical Modeling
Perception in Robotics
Biomedical Imaging and Analytics
Geometrical Methods of Machine Learning
Machine Learning in Chemoinformatics
Statistical Natural Language Processing
Omics Technologies
Sensors and Embedded Systems for Iot
Stochastic Methods in Mathematical Modeling
Thermodynamics and Transport at Nanoscale