Engineering Systems
Chairman of Program Committee: Clement Fortin
Courses delivered by external lecturers are marked with *
Research Methodology courses
Innovation and Intellectual Property Studies Doctoral Seminar
Research seminar "Energy systems and technologies"
Selected Topics in Energy: Physical, Chemical and Geophysical Challenges
Research Methodology: Space Center Seminar
Advanced Major-Field courses: core
Model Based Systems Engineering
Syllabus is not available
Data Analysis for Space Weather
Satellite Navigation*
Non-Equilibrium Processes in Energy Conversion
Technology Planning and Roadmapping: Foundation
Technology Planning and Roadmapping: Advanced
Syllabus is not available
Deep Learning
The list of Advanced Major-Field courses: additional
Renewable Energy
Optimization Methods
Power Electronics
Power Markets and Regulations
Smart Grids
Control Systems Engineering
Experimental Data Processing
Space Sector Course
Perception in Robotics
Sensors and Embedded Systems for IoT
Machine Learning
Introduction to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Advanced PLM techniques: Digital Design and Optimization
Advanced PLM techniques: Product Prototyping
Advanced PLM techniques: Testing and Models Validation