Mathematics and Mechanics
Chairman of Program Committee: Igor Krichever
Courses delivered by external lecturers are marked with*
Track "Mathematics"
Track "Mechanics"
Research Methodology Courses
Research seminar "Modern Problems of Mathematical Physics"
Advanced Major-Field courses: core
Geometric Representation Theory
Classical Integrable Systems
Advanced Major-Field courses: additional
Research seminar "Supersymmetric Gauge Theories and Integrable Systems"
Mathematical Methods of Science
Quantum Mechanics*
Quantum Field Theory*
Introduction to Quantum Theory*
Elliptic Operators in Topology of Manifolds
Introduction to Quantum Groups
Modern Dynamical Systems
Gauge Fields and Complex Geometry
Quantum Integrable Systems
Quiver Representations and Quiver Varieties
Critical Points of Functions
Representations of Classical Groups and Related Topics
Phase Transitions: Introduction to Statistical Physics and Percolation
Research Methodology courses
Research Methodology: CDMM Research Seminar
Advanced Major-Field courses: core
Continuum Mechanics
Numerical Methods in Engineering and Applied Science
Advanced Major-Field courses: additional
Structural Analysis and Design
Composite Materials and Structures
Fundamentals of Additive Technologies
Thermal Fluid Sciences
Geometric Modeling
Finite Element Analysis
Thermal Spray Coating