Chairman of Program Committee: Mikhail Skvortsov
Courses delivered by external lecturers are marked with*
Research Methodology courses
Research seminar "Modern Problems of Theoretical Physics"
Research Seminar "Advanced Materials Science"
Selected Topics in Energy: Physical, Chemical and Geophysical Challenges
Advanced Major Field courses: core
Advanced Quantum Mechanics
Path Integrals and Physics of Open Quantum Systems
Carbon Nanomaterials
Advanced Major Field courses: additional
Aerosol Science and Technology
Optical Communications
Superconducting Quantum Technologies
Biomedical Application of Photonics
Spectroscopy of Quantum Materials*
Review of Materials and Devices for Nano- and Optoelectronics*
Functional Methods in the Theory of Disordered Systems
Theory of Phase Transitions
Introduction to the Theory of Disordered Systems*
Introduction to the Quantum Field Theory*
Numerical Simulations of Quantum Many-Body Systems
Quantum Mesoscopics. Quantum Hall effect*
One-Dimensional Quantum Systems*